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Water saving for glamping and camping sites

Water saving for glamping and camping sites


Product Description

The Propelair toilet uses over 80% less water than standard toilets, and thereby reduces your water consumption, as well as your carbon footprint and maintenance costs & bills.

Propelair is ideal for off grid sites that are not connected to main sewage systems, including holiday parks, glamping and camping sites, ships and yachts, and petrol stations.

Because the Propelair toilet uses just 1.5 litres of water per flush, off grid clients need to empty cesspits about 75% less often.

This way, Propelair saves water, reduces your carbon footprint and lowers your tank emptying bills. You can expect to lower your tankering bills so much that the toilet will pay for itself in under a year (one client had a payback of just 4 months and that was during the pandemic with less footfall!).

We are based in Essex but can serve the whole of the UK, so get in touch to learn more!

You can also see our case study at Propelair website


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