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Artificial Grass Solutions – Play Pitch


Our unique base panel system allows us to install artificial (grass) turf with minimal mess and fuss. We use artificial grass to provide a wide range of valuable solutions. These can make your lives easier and increase the enjoyment of your guests.

The entrance to your accommodation is always a tricky area to keep clean and tidy. Artificial turf looks smart and helps keep mud and natural debris outside. It also provides a great place to sit and relax and unlike decking it won’t get slippery over time.

Our golf courses in miniature are also great fun for all the family. The right balance of Choice, Challenge and Chance keeps guests on your site and helps to create those holiday memories.

If you have a bit more room to spare then why not install a Footgolf course. It claims to be the UK’s fastest growing family sport. Using artificial turf for the greens eliminates any extra maintenance. Also, the base panel solution means the course design is easy to alter from time to time.

Tennis is not as popular as it once was and courts are often underutilised, or in decline. We can revitalise this under performing asset with artificial turf into a golf short-game zone or a Multi Sport Games Area.

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